FASHION: Sustainable Brands

There are many brands out there that are now claiming to be sustainable but which brands are actually carrying out ethical practices? It’s hard to know for sure, especially as so many giant corporations and fast fashion retailers are promoting sustainability yet still sell garments made from polyester for under a fiver. Here are some designers I have discovered recently who are independent and putting sustainability at the forefront of their business plan.


I recently discovered Bottletop Bags when I began researching sustainable companies for a commissioned shoot for Phoenix Magazine. This company is really inspiring as they have grown massively in recent years which actually stemmed from a collaboration with Mulberry. Having worked with the products, I can say that the pieces are made exceptionally well and are ideal for a luxury fashion lover without the guilt of destroying the planet. 


Esthé is a brand which I fell in love with as soon as I spotted their Instagram feed. They are a family run business which uses both recycled and sustainable fabrics to produce the garments. In addition, they also work to a made-on-demand structure in order to reduce waste and fully commit to ethical production.


Lastly, the small independent brand was brought to my attention by my college tutor is O-Pioneers. The brand follow the mantra of ‘not just saved for best’  and it really made me consider all the pieces I have bought in the past that I have saved for special occasions, when in reality I just never wear them. The clothing from O-Pioneers are made with not only quality in mind but also with purpose as many of the dresses include pockets which makes them ideal for everyday wear.

To see how I styled these sustainable brands check out the story “Daughter of Pearl” below


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